Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy knitting

I didn't post anything for so long that I even forgot m nickname!
Anyway, I'm KNITTING again! I mean I'm knitting, not crocheting! (Although, I'm crocheting too, left it for a while).
The mother of my husband gave me her stash of OLD wool stash and told me to knit socks for my hub (don't even ask me about her requests, she didn't even say "please" as usual, usually she just gives orders like that, and, by the way, we live together, and don't even ask me about that too!). It was several month ago and recently I came across an "Interweave Knits" pattern of te-up socks on dpns in several gauges (smmer 07 issue). Of course, I immediately decided that I need to knit them! I took this OLD hand-spun yarn in several colors 3 days ago and can't put it away ever since! I named this socks OLD UGLY socks.
But that is even not an issue - I'm so happy to USE this yarn! It is not bought by me, it was not expensive and probably that is why! I'm not AFRAID to use it!! With a GOOD yarn I'm afraid that I'll do a mistake and my good yarn will be "ruined", not really, but the sign of "used" will show. I don't know what to overcome it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not greedy. I just don't like to WASTE the yarn. If it 's already been used, It has small tear and the knitted object will not look good bla bla bla... Do you have the same issue?
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