Saturday, August 9, 2008

From Russia with love

OK, I started a new live!
A PLACE where you are located has a lot to do with your knitting habits! I HAD to learn to create a knitwear all aver again! Do you know why? Because there is no gauge in Russian patterns!! At least not in all of them! So, I HAD to fall in love with starting a new project at least 3three times until I get the gauge (that I counted myself) right!

Since I moved her in April, I knitted a baby top down sweater, a baby hat (LACE, that I have never done before!), a baby top down socks (top down that I have never done before too, moreover, without any pattern!). Now I'm doing lace top for myself and lace baby hat for summer-I loved lace so much that couldn't get enough of it!

I bought several long needles here-something that I was all against because I love circular needles-it's not hard for hands, but anyway, the samll baby hat was joyful to knit on them and then saw (!!!). I hated to saw!

What else? Kitchener sewing!! I did it!!!! With help of a podcast, but I did it!!!

Needles here are made in China or Turkey, Yarn is made in Russia, some with "forein fine merino wool".

I mwant now sock set from KnitPicks/ I'm thinking ho9w to get them!! Maybe a swap??


Anonymous said...

hi from Switzerland

just came accross your blog site, wish you a great day


cherriss said...

thank you!!