Sunday, March 9, 2008

If you don't like the yarn... change the hook!

That's right! I didn't like working with DK or sport weight yarn until I realized that it is the hook to blame, not he yarn! Usually I crochet with Susan Bates Silvalume hooks, but with sport weight yarn I tried Susan Bates Quicksilver 3.5 mm. I hate it!!! The grid is too small to hold the loop and I couldn't stand it!! I ordered the rest of Silvalume hooks online--what I don't have to complete my collection! I'm so glad!!! I wanted to find Silvalume in bigger sizes--from 8 mm and couldn't find it, though.
I'm constantly crochet, almost every evening (more at night). Yesterday I tried fillet crochet--and loved it! I did a heart from Crochet today! magazine. Today I did my name in Russian and now wear it as a bracelet! I want to make my mom's name for her birthday.
Now to pictures:
I still hope to make a perfect WARM blankie for my daughter. I imagine that I'll do a small blanket now and will add to it as she grows, so the blanket will grow with her. I had one demand: it should NOT be granny squares!! Also it should not be too lacy or it wouldn't be warm. And one more thing: I wanted to use variegated or multicolored yarn, so I don't need to change the colors. Here is the swatch of the pattern that I found in IC:
I love this pattern! Here is what I did with Patons Decor:

It is just 1 skein. I saw it in the store and liked colors and wanted to try it. I don't like what is it made of (80% acrylic, 20 wool), but the colors are nice and it is machine washable. I'll buy 2nd and 3rd skeins and will make it bigger.

My ideal blankie will be from Patons Classic Merino wool 3 colors or so. Wait for swatches!
BTW, the 1st swatch is made with Cottontots. i started the sweater:

I know, I need to concentrate on one thing, but can't! When I "crack" the pattern, it is not interesting for me anymore!!! (i mean I start to understand how it's constructed and look like in real life). That is why I started to design --it is way more interesting to figure out by MYSELF how to make it than to just follow someone else's pattern!!!

My wish came true!!!!

Oh, I'm so glad!!! I dreamed about case like that for several years!!! Now not all my hooks , but Susan Batets Silvalume hooks (I ordered the rest, they are coming) are in one place, placed in order of their size!!! Thanks to craftydaisies for the template. I did my case 20'' wide, not 18". it took me 3 hours to sew it. I was a little bit afraid that my seams will be not straight, but they turned out great!! And the last thing: it is recycled from husband's old shirt!