Friday, February 22, 2008

Tall Latte

This is my progress on Tall Latte using 6.5 mm hook. So far I'm enjoying it

Stitches closer:

I did several rounds and thought that the fabric is too loose and tried it with 5,5 mm hook,as I would do it normally with worsted weight yarn:

but after several rounds it was obvious that the fabric is too stiff and I abandoned it and returned to my first try.
And this is bonus--the bag that I did from free pattern by Drew Emborsky. I found it on the Ravelry. I plan to line it


~drew emborsky~ said...

The bag looks great! Good job! =)

stacey said...

Hey! I made the 33 and 36 in the Tall Latte. RE: the mistake, honestly, if there had been a mistake my first thought would be that I made the mistake, but then I would have just kept going. :) I don't remember that happening though.