Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm designing. Again

I have a lot of news!
I designed ....( can't write) and deciding which magazine/yarn company to submit it. Or maybe I need to design more and submit it at once.
I'm also ordering yarn to try how it hangs/ perform in the crocheted item. I'm convinced now that 100% cotton is not the best yarn out there to crochet with because of the weight of the fabric. Especially if it is a big garment as a dress or a sweater for an adult. I'm looking for yarn that has some blend as nylon to retain the shape of the garment also. And it is good if it would be machine washable. It should hang well, not be stiff when crocheted. Soft to skin.
I found several yarn lines that I'm happy with. Cool Crochet from Bernat, Knit Picks Shine worsted and Sport, Main line should be good. I tried TLC Cotton plus -- too stiff and bulky and Lion Brand Cotton Ease is too bulky and stiff too. They don't hang well also. I did swatches.
I'll make swatches and see how they'd behave, and will post later.
One thing that i DON'T want to use is bad yarn, 100% acrylic. If I'm putting THAT much time to design and crochet the garment, I want it to last forever!
I want to make a web site to sell my patterns, maybe separate site, maybe here.

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