Friday, February 22, 2008

Don't fall out from your chair...

..but can you believe that a ling-time crocheter has never done a granny square before? Well, you better believe, because this is me. I don't like granny squares! OK, I said it. I just don't like how they look like! Not cool to me!
Yesterday I had a creative bag. I wanted too do every stitch and motif that I ever wanted to do. I needed to get it out of my system, to move further. Here is what I did:

Infamous granny square

A try of stitches for a child hat
A trial of stitches for a sweater

Yes, I know, it's acrylic, but that's why I'm using it to try new stitches instead of using good yarn!

Here is the swatch that I wanted to do for a long time too. It's Bernat Cool Crochet (70% cotton, 30% nylon), light worsted or DK weight, usingE4/3.5 mm hook
I'm not in awe in this hdc swatch how he colors ar changing , but I've always wanted to crochet socks (I knitted one pair already and wearing them constantly), like these for example
I need to check them on Ravelry and look how they turned out.
This veriegated yarn is good for baby items. That is what I bought it for -- to do a sweater from Crochet today! magazine by Candy Johnsen. Not with these balls,
I need to do swatches with different stitches in this yarn to see which stitches it looks best. For every variegated yarn there is a sitch to shine in!

I did this heart for my hubby for Vallentine's day:
Pretty, isn't it?? :)

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