Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Designers' salary...

...is miserable. I was listening to Craft Sanity podcast yesterday with Lily Chin. She was describing how is she working twice amount of time to get average salary. And she is a renown designer! Prices for designers' work has been DOWN since 1980's. Something is really wrong with it. Of course, it's not the most demanded work in the world, but big corporations shouldn't take advantage of people who are so passionate about this.
I was listening also to the last Cast on podcast with Annie Modesitt. She is the only one designer who has the courage to speak about it!
I got today Knit Pick's Shine Worsted. I'm going to crochet a sweater from "Everyday crochet" by Doris Chan. She is my the most favorite designer now. I like EVERYTHING that she is doing. We both love dresses and top down design and design that I can wear everyday, not just at summer. I'll chain on today! :)

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