Monday, September 17, 2007

Socks socks socks Socks socks socks Socks socks socks

Everybody are doing socks!

Guess now what I'm doing?? Yes, socks! I couldn't resist and open "The Knitter's Handy book of Patterns" by Ann Budd and cast them on on 4.5mm dpn and Patons Classic merino Wool. I was unsure of this variegate yarn, but it looks wonderful!

And these are my first pair of socks that will be knitted from the top down! I felt READY to do them for the first time after hearing and reading so much about how to knit them. Finally! I'm doing the gusset with sewing thread. And I know that they are thick and they are suppose to be thick because I don't wear slippers at home, I wear
thick socks instead!

I love the way colors are changing diagonally!

In fact, I have startritis. Now I painfully want to start lace shawl. I spent a lot og hours on Ravelry in searxh of a PERFECT shawl. I found it (by Meg Swansen), but she didn't have any notes on how to knit it, so...

And I received yarn for Shopping tunic (see it on Ravelry). And needles. Which are US 19/15 mm. Big!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

No,I'm not dead, I'm just reading fact, the most interesting book EVER!! It's 1967 RUSSIAN knitting teextbook!!! I'm so thrilled!!! It's written in a way that it teaches to DESIGN and think for yourself, not to follow patterns. There are patterns, but not as today's , they are word instructions.

This book reminds me of E.Zimmermann's books., but it more thorough (325 pages!), and also has a lot of stitches patterns and instructions how to knit in the form of lessons. The one thing that I like the most is that it teaches how to constract the schematics of the project to fit MY specific size (by hand, of course, no computers in 1967). There are men and womens sweaters, jackets, hats, mittens, and also skirts and dresses and one purse in the back of the book. No children patterns here.

I also like that it's in Russian. It's weard to read all those technical knitting words in Russian after learning to knit in English, they don't sound as regular words, sound .. well.. technical, but that's OK. I wonder if it's the same applies to English knitting words?

Lessons explain how to wash and dye yarn, how to construct and knit different collars, sleeves, top-down sweaters, socks, hoses,a skirt, a shawl, and swimwear--a bra(!) ans panties (!). Total is 100 lessons plus patterns.

I got this book by chance and I'm so excited!

If I'll study it all, I'm sure be able to construct those things and design myself!! This is actually the point to read it!

P.S. I'm knitting a hood for BSJ based on Tompten from "Knitting Without Tears".