Sunday, August 19, 2007

Knitting in 93 degrees is hard,

but I managed it! What I've done :
This is the moss stitch close:

Converting to circular knitting is difficult, because it is first time for me, but I'm doing well. I had to re-do the neck 3 times so far.

Facts about me

I realized that I am an ambitious knitter and crocheter: I love BIG progects like sweaters. The only thing that annoy me is that they are going slowly!

The yarn feels fifferent for crocheting and knitting. Because crocheting is quicker, and uses more yarn, I usually use cheaper yarn for it. (Although plan to change it when will use all my yarn). Knitting is going SLOWLY through the hands, so it is pivotal to use yarn that FEELS rich and soft!

I spend A LOT of time on Ravelry!