Sunday, May 27, 2007

My new FO!!

YEAH!!! I did it!!!!!! Despite of not having time!!!!! They are big for my baby, but she will grow... They are not blocked and I'm hesitant to do it because I don't know how this yarn will react on it.
Yarn: Patons SWS (I LOVE these colors!!!)
Patern: Knit it! spring 2007
Needles: US 8 (5 mm) (my new Knit Picks, I love them)

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I MISS KNITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back again..sort of (exchanging yarn--several skeins Patons Classic merino wool to one or too Koigoo or Aussie wool)

I gave birth to a girl on May 19!

It's a girl!!

Sorry, no pictures--bad luck.

Yesterday I actually had time to put back to stash yarn that I had in my closet on the floor--I don't think I'll need it for another...century. Kidding! :)

I did put UFO's in another bag and put it closer. But actually I decide that I don't want to finish projects that I don't want to do anymore--I DON'T NEED to KNIT THEM!! WHY SUFFER???!!!!! I want to enjoy my knitting, not torture myself, especially now, when I don't know when I'll do something again.

What I Don't want to see anymore (see labels):

a cardigan for myself,

bunny baby hat,

cotton tank (already frogged),

B. Walker's top down sweater (already frogged),

The baby winter afghan (I'll do something else with it because I still like it).

Yesterday I was determined to get rid of yarn that I don't like or tired from--I have a lot of Patons Classic merino wool, for example, but lost courage to do it when I saw it.
Maybe i"ll TRADE it-- DOES ANYBODY WANTS TO TRADE IT?? I'd like some Koigoo wool designs Kersti color 308 (9) or Aussie wool any pretty color--not many skeins, maybe just one, just to play with it, I've never knitted it.

P.S. I've got my Cascade 220 !!!!!!!!! YEAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

No, I haven't given birth yet

...although my due date is this Sunday. I'm waiting. Scared.

My mom arrived from Russia and I stopped knitting for a while. She brought me undied goat yarn from Russia

As you see, it's not tightly spun, but very soft and warm.
I'm going to knit socks for my baby from it.

The colorway is called Natural Geranium. I love it! Socks are not done yet, but willl be soon.

This sock is not sewn up yet--I wanted to compare them. And this is the second:

And sweater sampler is going on too, from time to time.

It turned out to be huge--one skein is used up already. I do regret that I took "bad" quality yarn, even for a sampler (80% acrylic, 20% wool). I'm turning into a yarn snob slowly. Even for things that I'm not going to wear!! My hands demand better yarn!!

Yesterday I was trying to knit a top down sweater for Barbie with this yarn

Lion brand Magic Stripes. I HATE IT!!!!!

I'll do get rid of ALL Lion Brand yarns in the future as I've written!!! To do that, I need to buy quality yarn, so I'm not going to be left without ANY.
I ordered Cascade 220 from WEBS on sale. I'm not happy, though, that it took for them several days to process my order--time is scarse for me now (and I don't have patience as usual). Well, I'm waiting.

And this is just what I dream of

Friday, May 4, 2007

Knit Picks Options, books, a cardigan for myself

1. I've got my Knit Picks Options needle set!!!!!!!!
I'll try something to knit with them right now!

2.I've got the new book. I had DANGEROUS thought to be a knitwear designer. After I did a research on books about knitwear design, I realized that there is not many books about it. This and Newton's "Designing Knitwear"

I have to study how to do sewn pattens too, as Lily Chin does--she makes first a pattern from a sewn piece and then from it makes knit/crocheted design.

This is what I was doing yesterday during the day and night. (That's why I'm so sleepy now).

This is the story of the sleeves of these cardigan:
First, I decided to do them as in the pattern. I didn't like the result. I was doing them on one needle, they grow, and didn't have enough space on it. Second, they were too wide for my taste.

I ripped them and decided to pick stitches from the sleeves and knit them from the top. To do this, I needed to block fronts and back and sew them. Which I did.

I'm proud of my seams . They are invisible

And this is the beginning of the left sleeve

I picked up stitches first 3 to 1--too many stitches around, and the sleeve will be too wide, then 2 to 1, then one to one (one stitch is picked, another one is picked in one). With the last I was pleased. Not too wide.

Then, when I began to knit, I wanted to make the seam less bulky--after all, this is THREE colored cardigan, plus other THREE--it is bulky! I wanted to picked stitches closer to the seam. I did it on the right sleeve. Compare:

You probably won't see any difference. And you'll be right because it doesn't exist.
So, I ripped out the left sleeve and I'm working on the right . Hope that this is the last attempt to make it!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

So many projects, so little time...

  • I decided to go ahead and try everything that I want to try. This is my indulgence. After all, there will be no time to do it after the baby is born. (For at least several months, but I still hope sooner...)

  • I ripped out the yoke completely and doing it over. I decided to see if I knit tighter, will it work with the gauge?
The previous yoke was too loose and maybe that is why I didn't get the right lenght of the yoke?

  1. 2.This was my main indulgence--to see how baby surprise jacket (E. Zimmermann's) will look like with MY tools. I've seen a lot of them on and wanted to do it for a long time.
I realized that the yarn is wrong (Patons classic merino wool, variegated as you see) It looks good with crocheted squares, but not so with garter st.

Then, the bamboo needles... I liked them before, but they irritate me now. My hands are begging me for metallic needles. Can't wait to see my Knit Picks Options needle set. And the instructions was not very clear to me. Thanks the blog, I can get answers.

  1. 3. I'm knitting also the sweater samplerfrom "The sweater workshop" by J. Fee.
It is a VERY useful and thorough book not only for beginners, but for intermediate knitters as well. I do want to make a sweater from this book (from the bottom up, especially the Aran sweater). I was arrogant before about doing all this stripes and doing rib (Ah, who CAN"T knit it????!), but after making this sample I know that I didn't know important details. So, don't be arrogant, learn, and learn, and learn, you'll benefit from it tremendously!

  1. 4.
I have a pair of knitted booties already .
I wanted to make another pair. And, for a change, I picked my metallic needles. And colors of Patons SWS yarn are beautiful--I love them!
Well, that's my confession--I'm a sucker for colors!! I can buy yarn only for colors, regarding of everything else...

  1. 5. Now I'll be complaining. Wanted to buy Koigu for Baby surprise jacket and Aussie wool for top down sweater, but can't walk to the store... Can't walk to any long distances. To order online, I have no patience to wait. I'm sorry for myself :)