Sunday, April 29, 2007

B. Walker's top down sweater, DVD, KnitPicks set, a cotton tank, and my "stash"

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I have so many news that I don't know where to start
This is my trying to do a top down sweater from B. Walker's "Knitting from the top." i tried double increase on the page 21 and didn't like it. DSCN2792I only have read about it in this book and has never seen it before, maybe that is why I'm doing it wrong.
That is why also I'm a fan of VIDEO, not books on techniques. It's better to see once than to read several times. Knitting is a visual art! Now I want to order Lucy Neatby's DVDs on finishing techniques.

This sweater is for me, but I don't like it already now. I have to pick up the collar after starting and this increases... I'm thinking also about buying a human doll to be my model. Knitting is so reach art and I have to learn so much that to try every project that I want to try I'll need to spend all my life to knit it in MY size. I need to choose somebody/something smaller. I was thinking about a cute bear that I have, but it doesn't have human proportions.

2). I ordered 2 days ago Knit Picks needle set.The review is here I'm so tired from bamboo needles and plastic Denise set (I like it though). And I don't have any metal. It will be nice to knit wool and cotton on them.

3) Speaking about cotton. DSCN2783

I have in my stash 100% cotton yarn ( that I bought for crocheting a summer dress. I made a swatch and it was too heavy for a dress (I admit that I didn't know anything about cotton then).
After that I decided to do a nursing top from
It was a good idea. 100% cotton for the summer + something really usuful due to the baby birth. The gauge was different, though. Then I didn't know what size to knit. Decided on medium.

Then I tried to change the boring plain st. st. pattern to k1, p1 RIB on the back because cotton doesn't stretch DSCN2784

Then I needed to do decreases to get to top from the both sides of the sides. I didn't know how to do it in RIB, so I just went ahead and did it anyway DSCN2789

Do I need to write that I didn't like it? Decreases shouldn't be made in RIB. Never. Ever.
And the last thing. My fingers on the next day were aching like hell. Now I don't really want to touch it.

The swatch is great


I love it and it calls for something really simple because of pretty variegated color. Someday I'll do something from it.

4) As it is not enough. I did an inventory of my "STASH". I consider that Idon't have stash because I buy yarn for the project that I have in mind only. In some cases, like with the cotton dress above, the yarn doesn't work and only after that it sits in my closet.
Now you really want to know HOW BIG IS IT, don't you??

It's 4 boxes, 2 of which is my UFOs and FOs! Not much considering other's people problem. I don't browse internet in search of yarn when I'm not satisfyed with my life. I'm rather be reading knitting books. So don't blame me. I don't really understand this posession urge "Ineed to buy yarn or it will be gone." So what?? Will be another one.

I admit, though, that I'm gravitating more to a quality yarn after educating myself about different fiber

I got rid of 100% acrylic Lion Brand yarn (yak!). Just threw it and never looked back. I have a lot of Lion Brand in my "stash." In my protection I have to say that it's not intended to be used for making wearable staff. I'm going to crochet toys for Christmass tree.

i think that's enough for now.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

baby leggings

baby leggings
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I'm finished! This pattern is from E. Zimmermann's "Knitter's Almamac." I used Clover US 8 (5 mm) needles : one 16" circular and 5 dpn. Yarn is knit Picks Swish Superwash (100% wool). I started on April 3, finished yesterday. (I was knitting it on and off, not every day)

I'm very pleased with the results, especially with seams.

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You know that seams shows if you are advanced knitter or just playing with yarn.

But the really pleasing thing was my husband's reaction. First he said "good", which in his jargon means "exellent." Then he thought a little bit and asked "Did you buy it?" "I knitted it" (Like he has never seen me knitting it--that's how he's paying attention to what I'm doing.)

The only confusing thing was what will be the size of baby leggings. EZ writes that "you shouldn't worry about it bacause babies comes in all sizes." Well, what if I want a particular size? It wasn't my case, though because there is no baby yet. I intended to use it for this fall and winter--we'll see how it will fit! When the baby will outgrow it, I'll be able to make leggings in larger sizes.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One of my faves

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This book was created for me. Chunky yarn, fast circular knitting and catwalk designs--I love it!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bunny baby hat

I'm doing bunny baby hat from "Sn'B Nation". I don't like the earflaps, they are too close to the back of head, so I'll do them later wider from the back.

Books and new motto

I'm reading a lot this month. i registered at my public library where found several really good books. Some of them are here:
I caught in desire to design my own sweaters and other garments. I did swatch from B. Walker's "2nd treasury" of cables" and realized that I'm not so interested in the fancy patterns (yet) as in constructing a form, shape, size. Patterns will be the next step.
After making and re-making Zimmermann's seamless yoke sweater (that I haven't even finished yet) I don't want to make another garment from the bottom--too much trial and error. Why do I have to make my life so difficult if I can avoid it???
B. Walker is my new enigma designer. Her "knitting from the top" is my new favorite. Seamless top down sweater is my next BIG THING. I'm free from patterns. I can do fitted garments. I can write patterns myself. I can create!

Another book that i want to write about is . Particularly, "Cast off." I was VERY disappointed.It's not funny, it's not informative, it has no value! The only thing that Yarn Harlot has is her sense of humor. She is likable. Very important for a media person. But she doesn't share her experience with us. She doesn't write pattern books. Why do I need her? To entertain me. There was not much entertainment in last 2 books. Maybe she is alredy done.

Baby leggings

from E. Zimmermann's "Knitter's almanac". I chose the washable wool that I bought at knitpicks. The only thing that impossible to figure out the size of the garment--there is no baby yet and there is no size in the book. It would be sure too big for the newborn. I hope for the winter will be OK.
The yarn was finished at this point and I ordered 1 more skein from

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A cardigan for myself

Very difficult for me is going this:

Sleeves alone
I don't want sleeves to be so wide, but don't want to redo the back and 2 fronts either, so have to live with it.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Look what I found! It's just a dream, not a man!

Monday, April 2, 2007

My first pair of socks is done!!!

It's been 1:13 in the morning, April 2, 2007--a historical date, because my first pair of socks is done!!~ I'm wearing them now!! (Very warm, by the way)

You can see that they are different, and this was intentional. I don't like THE SAME EXACTLY socks, or they'll look like manufactory made.
They are done using Denise Interchangeable needles (and I found out right now that hey were different #7 & 6) in magic loop. Pattern with tutorial is here The yarn is Patons SWS (70% wool, 30% soy), which I wanted to try because I've never tried soy before.
The only question left is TO BLOCK or NOT TO BLOCK?