Thursday, March 29, 2007


1. A crochet case
2. A sofa throw
3. pocket to the bag
4. red little jacket
5. knitted cardigan for me
6. blue knitted cardigan
7. EZ sweater
8. varieg. baby sock?
9. Tunisian winter baby blanket
10. baby leggins
11. baby hat

FO 2007 :
1. Socks for me (dream came true!)
2. Summer baby balanket
3. Seija set baby hat
4. Not santa suit
5. My first ever sweater (crocheted)
6. A Lily Chin's baby bib

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My dream came true!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I finished my FIRST SOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This how the sock look withou my foot:

It fits perfectly!! And I did it without any help!!
There are 6 attempts left behind and I'm BEYOND happy now!!!!! HURRAAYYY!!!!!!!!

I don't wear slippers at home. I wear socks instead--the thick one, done from worsted weight yarn. My mom usually sends me pairs from Russia, but now I have holes in ALL of them and desperate to wear something instead like them. They all have been done from 100% wool straight from sheeps, no dye, no nylon, everything is hand made--shearing, spinning, and knitting, of course. So there is no nylon, and they wear out quickly (by me anyway). So that's why I'm twice happy!! Idid it myself and I have something to wear!
P.S. This is a toe-up sock. All top-down socks didn't work for me because I didn't understand how to turn the heel. The yarn is Patons SWS--70% wool, 30% soy.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

EZ's seamless sweater finishing

I don't know about you, guys, but EZ's percentage system just doesn't work for me. As I understand, the neck shouldn't stand up. I did everything as she wrote: decreased to 40% of total body stitches (108 sts)(=44 sts), done back-of -neck shaping and ribbing for 1". Keep in mind that the yoke is even SHORTER than it should be (should be 1/4 of the circumference of the body, which is 36"=9" and my yoke is 8").It doesn't look good.

For this type of sweater the collar should LIE on the neck, not stand up. I want to rip it back to end of the yoke and do plain St st neck so the collar would curl outward from the body, without back-of-neck shaping. Any suggestions, comments?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hello, socks!

Today I'm happy beyond anything! I 'm FINALLY making a sock that actually is doable!

This is a toe-up sock that I can try on and alter as I go!!

Thise are photos with turn-on hill

Right side of hill

Left side of hill is not as perfect. I might redo it

Finished hill looks funny from the bottom

And this is the whole sock from the top

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yarn harlot in NY

Been there, done that. It was fun. I've seen the creators of several podcasts and DIDN't buy the book because it was hard for me to stand there in line.

Thesee are the members of Stitch n'Bitch club thet is meeting in the Point cafe on tuesdays. I've been there this tuesday. Likely to go there again.

The Fashion Technology Institute's Haft Auditorium was full of people (OF COURSE). The lighting was deem, so my pictures aen't great either.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Zimmermann's sweater's update

Why the very end of ANY kind of work tooks me longer than the whole work before??? Can't finish the sweater!
I had knit the color chart until I tried it on and understood that the yoke is too long for me. I even sewed the underarms to see how it will look on me.

So, I decided to rip it back and REDO the color chart (read: to shorten). I drew another chart and reknit the upper half of the yoke. I did'n do the pictures of it yet. I'll do it when the sweater will be finished.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

New York

New York is a wonderful place if you know where to go and with whom. My walking with girlfrend around:

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lonely knitting marathon

My husband went to trip to Russia and I'm alone. It's good and bad. Good that I have all that time to myself and don't need to do dinners, cleaning, ironing etc.( And I have the WHOLE bed to myself.) Bad because I miss him. But he will be back soon. So that's OK.
Now--I do have a deadline--the birth of my child (who is kicking me harshly right now). I don't know exactly when it happen, so I want to finish my WIP ASAP. So I knit , and I knit, and I knit through days and nights (literally).
Here is what I've done:
From Zimmerman swe...

These are the old sleeve that is gone now on the top and on the bottom --the new one. Tne new one has shape to it and is slimmier right to my hand. I love it now!

This is almost finished body. Almost because after I finished both sleeves, I did short rows on the back of hte body, as EZ says in her "Knitting workshop" DVDs.

This is what I have on this second. First I wanted to do a yoke in 3 colors (as you can see on the picture), but then I decided to do only violet because of the chart--the repetition of the chart is too big (16 sts) to have several colors blend togeher and the flowers wouldn't look good stripy .

P.S. I have pain in my fingers, but I knit and knit anyway. Hope I'll finish soon!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Who wants to meet to knit or crochet?

I live at Paulus Hook in Jersey city, NJ. Anyone who wants to have knitting buddies here, please, contact me here in comments.
If you don't know how to knit or crochet, it's OK, I can teach. For more info you can visit:

alt="Click here to join KnittyGritty">
Click to join KnittyGritty

Sunday, March 11, 2007

What happens when you are too lazy to plan ahead or count

4 or 5 days of work will have no future--I'm going to frog it! Right now!

First, I decided to do everything completely as EZ says: hems at lower edge and on sleeves, her method of increasing on sleeves and her 40" around body--because I'm pregnant and was in doubt what circumference I want to do.
40" have been too wide even for my pregnant 7 mo. belly!
Increasing on sleeves--too drastic, and the ending circumferences were too wide also.
At the end, I didn't like that there is no ribbing around lower edges on sleeves and body--I didn't like that I need to go back after I'm done and do it! (It would have been difficult because I was doing it on ONE big circular needle, and it's not fun).
I was lucky that I found a pattern in FC Easy Knitting summer/spring 2004 that was founded on EZ's system (not precise, though). And I also liked the pattern on this yoke. The only disadvantage is that the pattern is designed for men! So, I'm changing figures and will do 36" around the body and take the yoke pattern (which is for women really because of big flowers).

P.S. When I was uniting the body and one sleeve yesterday, I discovered that there are only 110 stitches in the body, not 120 as I planned! That was a HUGE discovery for me, I didn't expect it!! And I was done with sleeves already (that should be 33% of the body stitches around at the end)--so they were wrong either. Initially, I wanted just to redo the sleeves from the point of increasing, and then decided to redo them all over to add ribbing. At the end, I decided to redo the whole body to make it smaller and add ribbing too.
I've been sitting yesterday until 5.30 in the morning, trying to draw the pattern that I like.

Later, when I was in bed, I decided to take this flower pattern from the magazine anyway. I was concerned because it has more than 5 stitches of one color in one row at the bottom and decreasing that didn't suit the EZ's decreasing style. I will solve these problems by adding little dots and do decreasing at the end of the yoke after I'm done with colors.

P.S. Maybe do you know where I can find READY ski sweater pattern for a women and men ?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Elizabeth Zimmermann

I'm so HAPPY right now! This is the best present that I could do for myself!
Today in Russia is the"international women's day", when everyone is celebrating it by not going to work or school, so it's a big deal there nationally. A couple of days ago I foung out that there is actually VIDEO with EZ HERSELF available. I was really surprized because I've never heard of them before. Of course, I ordered her "Knitting Workshop" immediately!! Especially it would be useful with my work at her seamless yoke sweater!
I got it an hour ago and I'm watching it!! HURRRAY!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

A progress report

I actually just finished the right front of acardigan for myself and probably will cast on both sleeves later today, although it's already late and my fingers are tired.
But anyway, this is the photo of the cardigan that I took today in agternoon:
From A cardigan fo...

And yesterday I was very happy, because I Got MY PRECIOUS:
From Miscelaneous

This is the yarn for the sofa throw and Zimmermann's sweater! Hurray!!! I can continue knitting the sweater!!
I also discovered yesterday that there are videos of Zimmermann's book that were made by herself and her daughter, and I want to order one of the:"Knitting Workshop".

Thursday, March 1, 2007

NYCCG march meeting with Lily Chin!

I've been today at New York City Crochet Guild march meeting with Lily Chin--my favorite designer as you know. This is me with her:
From NYCCG March 2007

She was promoting her new book that I absolutely love and bought as fast as I could called "Couture Crochet Workshop". And she was showing the projects from this book and also tips how to make crocheted garments fit. That is why I admire her--she knows how to do it!
From NYCCG March 2007

And she also showed several projects with the patterns and her yarn that we could buy:
From NYCCG March 2007

Show and tell:
From NYCCG March 2007

From NYCCG March 2007