Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Zimmermann's cardigan

OK, I cast on the Zimmermann sweater on circular needles. I wanted to do it for ages!
I started it today and couldn't get my hands out of it literally! I was late everywhere because of it!
From Zimmerman swe...

The cardigan for myself UFO-now WIP

YES, I"M GUILTY!!!! I"M KNITTING AGAIN!!! Don't blame me! I've listen to too many podcasts about knitting!! It's all their fault!!

My long-term-suffering cardigan that was laying in my closet for good 2 years before I took the courage to touch it again
From A cardigan fo...

From A cardigan fo...

The baby winter afghan

From The baby wint...

Another square

My UFO--WIP now

After 1,5 years I finally gotten to my long-time UFO--a throw for the sofa. Now my husband wants it to be a really big balnket. I run out of yarn and need to buy more. After I can continue.

A baby summer blanket

Finally! Almost finished baby blanket that I didn't know really how it should look like! I took the yarn that I bought in Argentina (see older posts) and the pattern of a throw that is made diagonally and in 2 days did that! I need to waive in ends and decide whatt size I need to make--maybe bigger--but the main is done!!
This was my swatch because I was lost in the pattern and needed something smaller and smoother to see the result
From WIP--baby bla...
This is the process
From WIP--baby bla...
This is the result
From WIP--baby bla...
From WIP--baby bla...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

News on what I'm doing

Ok, I have a lot of news.
I began my work at a throw for the sofa that was lying in my closet for 1,5 years without any movement. HURAAH!!!!
Also I'm going to finish a project that I want to sell to a magazine. Of course, I'm not going to show and tell what is it.
My work on the winter baby blanket is in progress. Also on the amigurumi doll.

This is the simple tunisian pattern:
From The baby wint...

And in the near future is new work on another UFO on the knitted cardigan for me and fixing too narrow sleeves at cardigan for baby (knitted too).

Yesterday I picked up from my closet acrylic yarn that I bought in Argentina ( I was influenced by the post in Crochetville that you have to crochet/knit a baby blanket from soft yarn that is washable and it is not wise to spend a lot of $$$ for something that is going to be washed frequently). So, I decided that I use the yarn that I don't know what to do with anyway for the summer blanket for the baby.
The yarn has no consistent thickness: it is thick in one place and thin in another. So, to show all colors and the changing thickness I have to choose very simple stitch.
I tried stockinette stitch and sc stitch. Which one do yo like more???
My husband told me the that he likes the knitted one and I like the crocheted one.

From WIP--baby bla...


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My work

  1. the winter baby blanket
  2. a red little jacket
  3. a sock for me
  4. a sock for baby


  1. a throw
  2. a knitted cardigan

wish to do

  1. a winter set for me: mittens or gloves, a scafr, a hat
  2. a hook case
  3. a felted bag
  4. red cardigan
  5. a dress
  6. amigurumi girl doll

My long-term goals

  1. to learn to knit socks (preferably both at the same time)


The WeatherPixie

My little heart is for my hubby (Valentine's Day)

From Miscelaneos">

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The winter baby afghan

I bought Paton classic merino wool in colors that I like and start to do a winter baby afghan.
I bought afgan hook 5.5 mm and now I can do tunisian or afghan crochet.
I'm going to do different patterns of tunisian crochet and then from this blocks will sew an afgan.

What I did so far:

Tunisian knit pattern. Ch on 23 sts and used 5.5 mm hook

From The baby wint...">
A closer look
From The baby wint...">

Tunisian purl pattern
From The baby wint...">

I did something wrong with right side and it is smaller, so I'll have to do it again

From The baby wint...">

And finally, this is Tunisian simple stitch pattern
From The baby wint...">

The first felted project (a bag)

This was the first felted bag that I knitted. It was a disaster because I didn't know how to felt and left it unchecked in the washing mashine. It shrinked completely.
From the felted k...

Several days ago I found out that I can save it by throwing it back to warm water with soap. I did it and reshaped it in the water by hands. Then I put inside the box from a cell phone so it would shape nicely. It did!

From my finished c...

I'm happy now!

My disasters with socks

From Disasters

The day that I create a knitted sock will be one of the happiest days of my life. I just need to take a breath and learn how to do it.

My new hooks case

On sunday I was in AC Moore and found FINALLY the case that I like that can keep ALL my hooks! I'm happy now!! (The case originally was for paint brushes)
From hooks case

Thursday, February 8, 2007

My another work in progress

From Baby Socks">
from this book
From Baby Socks">
From the first sight, this is a good book, however, the desigber is British and abbreviations too. Instead of sc she writes ds, instesd of dc--tr, and so on. What is hdc she doesn't know!!!!
There are several projects that I'd do, but because of that, I have second thoughts.

Recent thought

I'm growing up in crochet. Yesterday I did several irish crochet motifs and one pattern didn't make sence. So I did it how I needed. Several months before I'd just abandon it. So I'm proud of myself!

From Irish motifs">

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Facts about me

  1. I don't like stash. Stash is like a permanent reminder to me that there is something in my closet that I need to work at. By the same reason I don't like UFO.
  2. I admit that twice I thought that you have to be absolutely crazy to want to make fabric stich by stitch only to find out at the end that you did something wrond and have to do all all over again
  3. I'm crazy about organization. That is why I love different crochet hooks cases, knitting needles cases, bags for knitting-the go and ziplog bags to keep my yarn and FO and UFO!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Not "Santa suit"

I finished today "santa suit" from "Simply creative crochet" magazine 2006 for 12 month baby. Of course, I made alterations and it is not santa suit anymore, as you can see.
From baby santa suit

I finished the jacket in Argentina and didn't have a new balls to start the pants, so I remember how I was bored for several days. The pants I finished several days ago and today I did a cord. I love it!

My rules

I DON'T use steel hooks and very fine yarn and cotton thread (excluding snow flakes which are small)--I value my eyesight and my patience.

I check every pattern that I want to make for mistakes on the Internet and by writing it on the separate piece of paper to make sure that everything make sense.

Seija Set baby hat

My first try was a disaster! Instead of final circumference of 16'', I ended up with 14":
From A baby hat Se...

From A baby hat Se...

And keep in mind that gauge was OK! I decided to redo it with size I/5.5 mm instead of G/4 mm and it worked!
From A baby hat Se...

From A baby hat Se...

From A baby hat Se...

I can add that the pattern was from "the Happy Hooker", infamously known for it's billions mistakes. I altered it a little bit to avoid holes in the flaps. My lesson is that now I'm gonna create projects from famous and respected designers who are known for their quality work to avoid frustration and losing time and yarn (I frogged the first hat and couldn't use this yarn because it splited). And also the yarn should be smooth too!

I'm posting here now!!

I decided to move my blog here because there are a lot of crocheters here and almost no on myspace!My previous blog is on http://blog.myspace.com/the-crocheter

Friday, February 2, 2007


At feb 1 I've been at monthly meeting of NYC Crochet Guild. It was fun! Here are the pictures that I did at "Show and tell", when everybody is bragging about what they did






(this lady was caught with KNITTED scarf!!! What a shame!!! ;)

well, I do think about joining them!